The Stuntman

ben_wright_stuntman_actor (27)
Ben retired from top level gymnastics at 21 and moved into the Entertainment indusrty, embarking on training as a stuntman and building on his unique acrobatic talents.

For over 12 years he has taken various roles, from Top Hollywood Movies to a world renowned Male Revue show.

Ben has always been fascinated by the ancient ways of martial arts and he has furthered his education in the modern science of human anatomy and sports rehabilitation. With reference to new and old, his knowledge of the dynamics of the body’s needs to function at optimal performance is second to none. He has used his background as a profesional athlete and the discipline and dedication it instilled in him to coach and inspire others.

Strength and Conditioning

Having endured countless ijuries and spending a small fortune on physical therapy, Ben decided to educate himself in human anatomy and sports rehabilitation. To help him understand (initially) his body and what it takes to maximise potential and stay injury free. With a hunger for learning and a new found passion Ben started his own performance centre. Helping others achieve their goals and optimise their performance. Hand in hand both careers soon became with Ben training stunt men, actors, fighters and weekend warriors alike all striving for perfection.

Being lucky enough to train and be trained by some of the best minds in the business he adpoted a technique that works at a cellular level. Bio-signature created by Charles Poliquin studies an individual’s hormonal profile and witn nutritional, herbal and botanical supplement intervention, helps correct any imbalances. With the restrictions of hormonal imbalances removed Ben is able to give his clients the edge. Nobody remembers second place!!


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Martial Arts
  • Taekwondo
  • Kung Fu
  • Panantukaun/Kalli
  • Artistic (Apparatus)
  • Sports Acrobatics
  • Tumbling
  • Trampolining
  • High Diving 10m+
  • All Spring
  • Trampette
  • Air Rams
  • Russian Swing
  • All aerial and wire work
  • Full and partial fire burns
  • Fire Safety
  • Strong swimmer
  • Padi divemaster
  • Full car and bike Licence
  • Basic Horse work
Ben Wright